We keep challenging endlessly to become a world’s best professional salon equipment company.


BD KOREA CO.,LTD is specialized in developing and manufacturing of salon furniture and equipment, and has been leading hair salon furnishing market with continuous R&D and products development.


2017. 11 30th years of anniversary of company foundation.
2016. 05 Got international patent on BÜCE250 shampoo chair. (self-reclining mechanism) – China, Japan and USA
2015. 04 Launched new brand BÜCE
2014. 12 OHSAS 18001 certified.
2014. 12 Awarded as a Promising Export Company. (the 51st anniversary of Trade Day)
2014. 09 Got Korean patent on BÜCE250 shampoo chair. (self-reclining mechanism)
2014. 07 PSE certified on E31 & E41 electric chair bases.
2013. 08 Developed a self-reclining shampoo chair “BÜCE” 250.
2011. 11 PSE certified on BÜCE230. 270. 370, and begin export to Japan.
2011. 10 Moved Head office and factory to Korea Export Industrial Complex in Incheon City.
2011. 01 BÜCE344F, a multipurporse electric chair


2010. 11 ISO 9001/14001 certified.
2010. 10 Developed BÜCE370, multipurpose electric champoo chair
2009. 10 Certified on a venture business.
2009. 05 Developed BÜCE290 Electric shampoo chair
2007. 12 Incorporated and changed company name to BD KOREA CO., LTD.
2006. 12 Developed BÜCE260 Electric shampoo chair
2004. 07 Developed BÜCE230 Electric shampoo chair
2004. 06 CE certified on E41 Electric chair base.


2000. 12 CE certified on E31 Electric chair base.
2000. 04 Moved to New plant. (Bucheon City)
1999. 05 Developed electric base for barber chair (E41) and shampoo chair (E230)
1997. 03 Began to export products to the U.S.A and Europe.
1994. 03 Developed and began to supply hydraulic chair base.
1993. 06 Developed electric chair base for styling chairs (E31)
1987. 07 Buk Doo Hightech esatablished.

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