We keep challenging endlessly to become a world’s best professional salon equipment company.

B.I Story

“Brand Name”

BÜCE is a brand name that an anlaut combination of the words “Beauty Utility by Creative Expert”.
BÜCE has the clear vision of becoming the world salon furniture company, with representing a Korean salon furniture company on the basis of our expertise specialized in producing salon furniture.
Along with this objective, the enthusiasm and the professionalism led us to become a luxurious beauty brand.

“Brand Credo”

Brand Credo, as it is the most concise and inspiring definition of the Brand, is also a guideline which clarify a value and an everlasting orientation of an enterprise in order to lead the enterprise to build a desirable impression, as well as to send the reliable message to the customers-in order words Brand Credo itself also means the Brand Charter which should be shared and be followed by its members.
Brand Essence
Our viewpoint about beauty

BD KOREA creates a new value through our unique viewpoint about beauty.
We are the beauty experts in that we only pursue the best quality in terms of beauty.
BD KOREA leads the beauty market as well as creates the ingenious culture based on our everlasting enthusiasm.

Brand Mission
We create new beauty cultures beyond the innovation of salon furniture.

The nation’s first development electric backwash unit shows the spirit of Challenge of BD KOREA.
Exploring and creating a new beauty culture is our future objective that we should go forward.

Brand Value
The expertise of BÜCE cannot be imitated by anyone in our field.
Since 1987, BD KOREA - renamed from BukDo, has been supplying the world with quality salon styling chairs, achieving a continuous growth so far.
BÜCE only produce a functional and practical product.
We not only offer good-looking, but also impressively customer-satisfied products by our outstanding skills and incomparable services.
BÜCE is one of the most progressive enterprises can explore and lead the market.
Given that it is a challenge towards building a new field of total beauty, which has never attempted by anyone, we can be the industry leader, creating a new beauty culture.

Contact & Inquiry

Please feel free to discuss us if you require any development of new products or improvement in the future, deeply appreciating our customers who have been interested in the products of BD KOREA.