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“Performance design” for your salon

For 30 years after the establishment, BD KOREA Co,. Ltd. has been innovating to deliver true values to customers with prioritizing customer’s satisfaction.
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BD Korea, based on our technical skills that is involved in the development of Korea’s first electric chair base, developed an integrated electric chair for the replacement of imported goods in domestic market, as well as leading the distribution of high-quality electric chairs at reasonable price.

Since Korea’s first export of relevant product in 1997, we have been developing international markets continuously, and have been the leader in spreading the excellence of Korean beauty equipment.

“BÜCE” beauty equipment is being supplied to numerous beauty salons throughout Korea as well as over 30 countries abroad, and is leading the industry through differentiated designs and innovative function.

With our spirit instilled in “BÜCE”, we promise to lead in distributing trustworthy beauty equipment through the integration of over 30 years of technology and experience in overseas market, as well as continuous product development and quality improvement.


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Please feel free to discuss us if you require any development of new products or improvement in the future, deeply appreciating our customers who have been interested in the products of BD KOREA.