Model No.250 manual shampoo chair
250 manual shampoo chair is the most practical product with special designs of movable backrest and seat utilizing physical characteristics without using power supply in order to control heights and operate the chair. It is an evolved, new-style shampoo chair beyond the existing concept of shampoo chair. Customers can receive shampoo services comfortably with laying the upper body down naturally while sitting. It can create vintage salon atmosphere with coordinating 173 chair. An automatic sliding feature of 250 (251) product has completed the patent registrations in the US [Patent No. US 9,332,843 B2] and Japan [Patent No. 2015-5938763] and Chana [Patent No. 2197886].

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2-Series Shampoo Wash Units

BÜCE Shampoo chairs are designed to fulfill the customer’s needs on appropriate shampoo chairs for haircare service such as hair treatment, head spa, scalp care, which are on trends.
Importance of shampoo is magnified greater these days as the quality of shampoo service and atmosphere of shampoo room decide the class of salon and hair-care products are sold in shampoo room.
Offered in different types with luxurious design, BÜCE shampoo chairs bring comfort to customers and convenience to users, and are appropriate for a healing system.

Model No.

Product Details

Lying-type shampoo chair

It is an innovative product applying the nation’s first-ever self-reclining device.
Customers can receive shampoo services comfortably with laying the upper body down naturally while sitting.
Domestic Patent:10-1440387
US Patent:US 9,332,843 B2
Japanese Patent:2015-524196
China Patent:2197886

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Cylindrical Ceramics

Applies deep, wide ceramics appropriate to shampoo, head spa.

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Faucet with premium brass material and chromium plating by the method using in automobile industry features high durability maintaining the original form even for longtime use.


Model No. 250
Color D.Brown, Vintage Brown
Standard(mm) 570(W) X 1550-1620(D) X 880-890(H)
Weight 75Kgs

[ Ceramic basin color ]

Product Simulation

- Color Selection :
  • d.brown
  • vintage brown

Color Option

376Vintage Brown
377Enamel D.Brown
380Enamel Black
590Pearl Ivory
5023Camel Brown
5073Pearl Gray
5082Wine Red
5086Pearl Ivory
5087Pearl Grey
6016Olive Green
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